Senior Project Manager - Jersey City Redevelopment Authority

The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) was created in 1949 as an autonomous Agency to serve as the City of Jersey City’s primary vehicle to eliminate blight, to create opportunities and to attract residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects.  The Agency’s statutory authority and local redevelopment powers are  set forth in New Jersey Redevelopment Agencies Law (LRHL), P.L. 1992, C.79 (N.J.S.A.) 40.A:12A-1 et seq.) in 1992.  The Agency’s broad responsibilities include project facilitation, site assemblage and clearance, environmental remediation and developer selection within redevelopment areas. Since its inception, the Agency has been responsible for the direct reinvestment of billions of dollars in Jersey City and tens of thousands of jobs. The Agency is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Jersey City by guiding responsible development and reinvestment in all neighborhoods and communities in Jersey City. The JCRA’s Guiding Principles include enhancing the quality of life and improving economic and housing opportunities, building strong, viable partnerships with the community, and letting employees perform their duties in an honest, ethical manner at all times while maintaining the trust, respect and confidence of residents and our clients.


The Senior Project Manager will report to the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director of the Agency, and be part of the Agency’s senior management team. Under direction, s/he will assist in the overall administration of the Agency’s comprehensive redevelopment program including the selection of urban renewal sites, the rehabilitation of deteriorating buildings and neighborhoods, the relocation of families and businesses, real estate acquisition, working in tandem with approved redevelopers, and the redevelopment of these sites and related work as required. 


Under direction, s/he implements,   coordinates,   and   monitors

residential,   commercial,  industrial,   economic,   and   other

redevelopment projects in accord with  relevant  laws,  rules, regulations, and policies; does related work as required


S/he will from time to time as needed, oversee junior project managers and project assistants and will utilize their assistance in the furtherance of his/her duties.


The Candidate will be: 

Passionate about Jersey City and its residents (with the ability to create and implement strategies to build opportunities for Jersey City residents and businesses)

A self-starter with a proven track record in project management, particularly as it relates to redevelopment, economic development, real estate or planning, and program implementation

Well-versed in real estate development, urban planning (i.e., analysis of building codes, city zoning ordinances, blight process and redevelopment plans) financing, and transaction structuring

Capable of thoughtful, well-reasoned decisions; should be a resourceful and reliable problem solver;

Comfortable with deadlines and ability to adjust to unexpected changes;

An outstanding communicator who is comfortable with public presentations; 

A team player who is interested in making a valuable contribution to help the Agency achieve its goals;


Coordinate and oversee the various aspects of redevelopment projects assigned, from the designation of the redeveloper through project completion;

Carry out the duties of the Agency enumerated in redevelopment agreements and ensure redeveloper compliance with the terms of the redevelopment agreement; 

Manage the acquisition process of land for redevelopment projects, including the use of condemnation (eminent domain);

Manage the administration of all work in the planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing certain redevelopment projects under the control of the Agency in accordance with short- and long-term projects; 

Manage outside professionals engaged by the Agency for specific projects assigned, including appraisers, title companies, environmental professionals, engineers, general contractors, and others;

Ensure project compliance with Agency policy, and federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations;

Act as the liaison for the Agency with other governmental agencies for assigned projects;

Attend meetings of the Board of Commissioners and be prepared to answer questions relating to assigned projects;

Utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and computerized information systems used by the Agency; 


Successful experience in a senior management position with direct responsibility for administration of programs and projects for organizations of substantial size and complexity

A minimum of five (5) years experience in redevelopment or community economic development fields, e.g. real estate, urban planning, HUD related projects, with a proven track record of administering and coordinating complex transactions

Knowledge of federal, state and local funding programs with impact on redevelopment and/or community and economic development

Knowledge of functions and regulations of agencies such as Planning Board, Department of Housing and Economic Development, NJHMFA, federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and administer complex redevelopment projects, whose primary objective is to eradicate blight under the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law;

Ability to cultivate and steward relationships with community leaders as well as public officials

A demonstrated track record of engaging effectively with staff at all levels and Boards of Directors to maximize outcome

An advanced degree in business, law, public administration or urban planning is recommended but not required

Job Type: Full-time


Bachelors degree (Required)

Masters degree (Recommended)