Graduate Colloquium

The Urban Studies Graduate Colloquium series provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary conversations about excellent graduate student research in Urban Studies.

This year our series, hosted by our 2023-24 Graduate Fellow Tessa Huttenlocher (PhD candidate, Sociology), will represent a wide spectrum of departments and topics.


Persistently mixed-income neighborhoods and the role of planning and housing policy: A study of Philadelphia


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Speaker: Yeonhwa Lee, PhD Candidate in City and Regional

"A Very Racist Neighborhood:" Reputation, Stigma, and Narrative Framing in a Chicago Neighborhood


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McNeil Building 414, Urban Studies space
3718 Locust Walk

Speaker: Andres Villatoro, Ph.D. Student, Sociology 

'Slavs Only': Understanding the Spatialization of Race in Urban Russia


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Speaker: Mariana Irby, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, Interest in Anthropology of the state, citizenship, urban studies,

Poverty's Capital; the Social Construction of Savings in Early New York


Join in person
McNeil Building 414
3718 Locust Walk

Speaker: Anders Bright, third-year Ph.D. student studying early American intellectual, cultural, and

Marx and Reparations: Moral and Non-Moral Arguments


Join in person, in the Urban Studies office
McNeil Building 4th floor
3718 Locust Walk

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Designers, Ecosociologists, Human Geographers, and Urban Ethnographers

A New Wave of Soviet City Planning Expertise, 1968-1975

Speaker: Michael Brinley: PhD Candidate, History Department

Discussant: Domenic Vitiello, Associate Professor, Urban Studies and City Planning


Translanguaging in Classrooms with Multilingual Speakers


Speaker: Shiyu Jiang || PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, Educational Linguistics at GSE

Discussant: Dr. Kate Menken || Professor of Linguistics and TESOL, Queens College

The Relationship between Historic Redlining and Modern Zoning in Major US Cities


redlining maps

Presenter: Chris Quattro, PhD candidate, City and Regional Planning