Graduate Colloquium

The Urban Studies Graduate Colloquium series provides an opportunity for graduate students who are affiliated with the Urban Studies Certificate Program to come together, share their work, and get feedback from a discussant who represents a different discipline from their own.


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This year our series, hosted by our 2020-21 Graduate Fellow Irteza Binte-Farid (PhD candidate in Anthropology and Education), will represent a wide spectrum of departments and topics focusing on how young scholars are thinking through ideas of urban space, both in the US and internationally. What is considered urban, how ideas of the urban shifts due to broader sociocultural changes, and how individuals and communities police space are all topics that will open up new ways of thinking about space. Scholars will also consider how their research on urban spaces have changed due to the effects of a pandemic.   


Land. Body. Prison. Dream. Freedom. - Scape

A Discussion on Visualizing Urban Violence

Presenter: Leniqueca Welcome, PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Discussant: John L. Jackson Jr., Dean, Annenberg School for Communication


Urban Gay Culture and the Active Accomplishment of Community


Presenter: Tyler Baldor, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Discussant: Jason Orne, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Drexel University


Public Reliance on Police after Death in Custody Incidents


Presenter: Ruth Moyer, doctoral candidate in Criminology

Discussant: TBA

Abstract: TBA

What is Urban: Land Bureaucracy in Hyderabad


Presenter: Indivar Jonalaggada, PhD Candidate, South Asia Studies and Anthropology

Discussant: Dr. Anuradha Mathur, Professor of Landscape Architecture

What is urban? In…


The Politics of Informal Urban Growth

Measuring the Global Relationship between Clientelism and Informal Urbanization

Presenter:   Chandan Deuskar, Doctoral Candidate, City and Regional Planning

Discussant:   Mariaflavia Harari, Assistant Professor, Real Estate Department


A Trans Ecology for Harlem: Speculative Planning and the Poetics of Environmental Design


Davy Knittle,  Ph.D. Candidate Department of English

Akira Drake Rodriguez, Lecturer Department of City and Regional Planning


Georgia O’Keeffe, Sky-shapes, and the Limits of the City


Lee Ann Custer, PhD Candidate History of Art

Eugenie L. Birch, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research & Education

Bullets, Books, and Brotherhood: Grief and Recovery in an Urban All-Boys High School after Three Fatal Shootings of Friends


Presenter: Nora Gross, Ph.D. joint-degree candidate in Sociology  and the Education, Culture, and Society program at Penn GSE

Discussant: Sara Jacoby, Assistant Professor, Nursing, University

When “Place” Meets Community Philanthropy: Exploring The Place Dilemma and Value Creation Beyond Generosity

Presenter: Viviana Chiu-Sik Wu, PhD Candidate in Social Welfare

Discussant: Michael X.

Which School Districts Are Credit Constrained in Their Efforts to Invest in School Infrastructure? Evidence from a Natural Experiment.

Presenter: J. Cameron Anglum, PhD Candidate in Education Policy

Discussant: Robert Inman, Professor of Finance, Business Economics, and Public Policy

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Activist Populations and Possibilities for Organizing in High-Poverty Urban Neighborhoods

Presenter: James Morone, PhD Candidate in Political Science

Discussant: Rand Quinn, Associate Professor of Education

Breafast treats, coffee, and tea in the URBS space, Room 130 McNeil!

Racial Stratification in the Mortgage Market: The Role of Co-Applicants

Presenter: Jose Loya, PhD Candidate in Sociology

Discussant: Lisa Servon, Professor and Chair of City & Regional Planning

Breafast treats, coffee, and tea in the URBS space, Room 130 McNeil!

Black Muslim Cosmopolitanism: The Global Character of New York City’s Black Muslim Movements, 1936-1990

Presenter: Rasul Miller, PhD Candidate in History & Africana Studies

Discussant: David Kofi Amponsah, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies

Megalopolis, USA

Presenter: Kristian Taketomo, Doctoral Candidate in History

Discussant: Mark Stern, Professor of Social Policy and History

Breafast treats, coffee, and tea in the URBS space, Room 130 McNeil!