Gordon S. Bodek Lecture on Interracial and Interfaith Relations



Racial Discrimination in Housing: How Landlords use Algorithms and Home Visits to Screen Tenants


The 2022 Gordon S. Bodek Lecture on Interracial and Interfaith Relations will feature Eva Rosen, Assistant Professor at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy.

The World Is Always Coming to an End: Pulling Together and Apart in a Chicago Neighborhood


Carlo Rotella, author and professor of American Studies at Boston College, analyzes the urban class divide through observation of his childhood neighborhood in Chicago.

Kurt L. Schmoke | Tapping The Wire: The Power of Social Change

Apr 18, 2016 Feb 18, 2016 at -

Kurt L. Schmoke was appointed President of the University of Baltimore in May, 2014. He earned his undergraduate degree in history from Yale University. Mr. Schmoke served as the mayor of Baltimore City for 12 years

Douglas Massey: Segregation and Social Inequality


Douglas Massey, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, took up the study of racial segregation in the United States in his acclaimed 1998 book, American Apartheid: Segregation