Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB)


The Urban Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) was established in 1998 as a means to foster closer links between the program's students and faculty. Working closely with the program director, the UAB organizes various events throughout the academic year with the following four goals in mind:

  • Public Relations - to raise awareness of the program in both the University community and its surrounding neighborhoods
  • Intra-Depatmental Development - to foster community within the program itself and create useful academic and scholarly dialogue among majors and between majors and faculty

  • Program Structure - to address the department's organization and solicit student suggestions for improvement
  • Career Network - to form supportive and advisory relationships with URBS alumni.


Social Events

  • Alumni Career Dinners bring URBS graduates back to campus to share their experiences and advice with students.
  • Department socials at the end of each semester allow students, faculty, and alumni to meet and socialize informally

Trips and Excursions

  • The annual Urban Studies New York Trip and several local excursions give students a rare behind-the-scenes look at contemporary projects underway in the field

Academic Initiatives

  • Regular evaluations give students the opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions on the Urban Studies major and minor

  • The UAB publicizes opportunities for student involvement in competitions and academic collaborations related to the major, and provides venues for them to report their achievements.