Past Events

Hassenfeld Summer Grants for Undergraduate Research: Due by May 15th


The Hassenfeld Grants provide several students with the opportunity to explore answers to questions arising out of their internship or other coursework in Urban Studies, by supporting independent research in the…

Honors Presentations

May 4, 2020 Apr 24, 2020 at -

Come through for your fellow Urbies, and enjoy the breadth of interesting Urban Studies subjects! Students will give a brief overview of their work, and describe the twists and challenges of their research process.…

2020-2021 Urban Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship: Due April 30th


This competitive fellowship with a service component is geared to doctoral students in the final year of their dissertation work. In addition to completing their dissertation, the fellow will be responsible for…

Postponed to the fall semester: Carlo Rotella: Class Divide in a Chicago Neighborhood


Carlo Rotella, author and professor of American Studies at Boston College, analyzes the urban class divide through observation of his childhood neighborhood in Chicago.

Postponed: Urban Gay Culture and the Active Accomplishment of Community

Treats, tea, and an interdisciplinary discussion in the Urban Studies office, 414 McNeil Building

Please stay tuned for an updated date and time for this grad talk - thanks!


Presenter: Tyler Baldor, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Discussant: Jason Orne, Assistant Professor of…

Seniors: Interviews for Voter Registration job - Public Interest Research Group

Feb 24, 2020 Feb 27, 2020 at -

Robin Donohoe, a Campus Organizer with the Student PIRGs, will be on Campus Monday 2/24 to Thursday 2/27 holding informational sessions and interviews for graduating seniors. There will be an informational…

The Politics of Informal Urban Growth

Measuring the Global Relationship between Clientelism and Informal Urbanization

Presenter:   Chandan Deuskar, Doctoral Candidate, City and Regional Planning

Discussant:   Mariaflavia Harari, Assistant Professor, Real Estate Department


Julie K. Brown, Investigative Journalist for the Miami Herald


The award-winning reporter who helped break the Jeffrey Epstein case will be speaking to our Urban Journalism class Wednesday, and the lecture is open to anyone interested. 

A Trans Ecology for Harlem: Speculative Planning and the Poetics of Environmental Design


Davy Knittle,  Ph.D. Candidate Department of English

Akira Drake Rodriguez, Lecturer Department of City and Regional Planning


Discover West Philadelphia Social History


Wednesday, January 22 6:30  The Hamilton Mansion at the Woodlands, 4000 Woodland Ave.  Register at this website: