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Remote Teaching Resources

Urban Studies lecturers have been conferring to try to get a handle on expectations for the rest of this unprecedented semester. Below is a collection of the most helpful items that have been shared so far.  Urban Studies urges you to have empathy and flexibility with your students, understanding that your groups will be coming to you now with vast differences in living situation, time zone, consistent accessibility to technology, and general level of upheaval and anxiety. Consider creating tiers of engagement for your students, including low-tech options, or goals that can be achieved over longer periods of time. Above all, please be kind to yourself and your classes!



Sign in with your Pennkey and Password to host online meetings. We've heard a ton of procedural tips, such as: Create recurring meetings, so that your class can get used to using the same Zoom link each time you meet with them. You can post the stable link in an announcement on your Canvas page. If you're having trouble with bandwidth, close all the applications on your computer before opening Zoom, and stick to audio only, skipping video. Let your group become familiar with the mute function, only unmuting themselves to speak, to reduce background noise.

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to help standing faculty, adjunct faculty, and teaching assistants achieve excellence in the classroom and in other venues where teaching takes place. For faculty they offer a range of workshops, conversations and individual consultations. Their resource guide for teaching remotely is extensive.

SAS Computing and Penn Libraries have set up Virtual Labs that you can access anywhere. These virtual labs include many programs that are included on many campus PC labs.

Penn Libraries are increasing virtual resources to support faculty and students. The link above connects you to librarians, offers a bounty of free e-books and film streaming services, and helps you utilize Canvas as a communication tool with your students.


Some faculty have expressed a need to access classroom space to record lectures or host virtual classes for synchronous or asynchronous online instruction, or for activities such as dissertation defenses for PhD students. While in-person, on campus activity is discouraged, the classroom schedulers encourage you to submit Academic Event Requests if a Central Pool Classroom is needed for one of the above mentioned activities. The form can be accessed here:  https://www.isc-cts.upenn.edu/finder/schedule1.asp

At this time, the Central Pool Classrooms are all locked, so it’s important they have an accurate schedule of activity to make sure rooms are unlocked when appropriate. All new academic event requests throughout the remainder of the spring term will be reviewed and scheduled at the discretion of the University Registrar’s Office. Please keep in mind that gatherings should be limited to 10 people.


CASENET: Academic Support in the College:  https://www.college.upenn.edu/casenet

CaseNet is an academic support team in the College charged with providing a centralized response to all College students in academic difficulty. Faculty are encouraged to contact the advisor on call with concerns about a particular student who may demonstrate the need for additional academic or personal support resources. Our assumption is that the team will be inundated once the spring semester resumes, but for now we are recommending you use it, especially if you are not able to get in touch with a student at all.


Academic Calendar: https://almanac.upenn.edu/penn-academic-calendar

Due dates for grades:
Grades are filed online via Courses InTouch. Only the instructor of record has access to the grade posting application. For help using online grading, consult the Quick Guide or for more information, including partial grade submission and grade change procedures.

Grades are due are follows:

  • Fall term due the first working day in January after the winter break.
  • Spring term due by 12:00 noon 3 days from the last day of final exams.
  • Summer sessions due by 12:00 noon 3 days from the last day of the session class.