Urban Studies Graduation Awards


Eric C. Schneider Award for the Best Paper in Senior Seminar on the Topic of Crime and Punishment 

This award was created to honor the life and work of Dr. Eric Schneider. Dr. Schneider's main academic interests included gangs, drugs, and murder in cities, on which a long-time colleague remarked that Dr. Schneider "seemed delighted in introducing himself to students as a scholar of the dark side". This award is given to the student with the best paper on the topic of crime & punishment.

Award to Commitment to Social Justice in the City

Participating in Urban Studies courses, students can hardly avoid discussions of the problems cities face and how to deal with these problems. This award goes to the senior Urban Studies major whose on and off campus activities at the University of Pennsylvania and future plans reflect dedication to addressing urban problems and to the principles of providing opportunity and voice for all urban citizens.



Award for Contribution to the Urban Studies Program

This award goes to the student who has contributed the most to the program through his/her involvement in Urban Studies activiteis, particularly through the governance board. Among ways in which this student may have participated are in selecting the annual speaker, organizing colloquia, helping with the newsletter and publicity, or helping to recruit new students.



Norman Glickman Prize for Best Senior Seminar Paper

In the senior seminar, Urban Studies majors write a paper based on original research they carry out on a topic of interest to them. Each year, the program recognizes the student whose paper was of highest quality, that is, stating a clear research purpose in the context of debate within the field, reflecting thorough and well designed data collection, and clearly written.