Hassenfeld Fall Grant for Undergraduate Research

Grants of up to $250 each will be available to offset the costs of doing your senior seminar research projects (there is a total of $2,000 to distribute, so the number of grants awarded depends on merit and number of requests that we receive).

Eligible expenses include travel outside of the metropolitan Philadelphia area, photocopying related to the collection of data, remuneration/expenses related to interview subjects (limited to non-University affiliates, non-professionals), lodging for out-of-town travel, transcription of interviews, travel/attendance to conferences. This is not an all-inclusive list, so if you have expenses that meet the spirit of these categories, please inquire as to eligibility.

Criteria for making awards include the appropriateness of the amount of the expense, the need to incur the expense in order to complete your project, the feasibility of the proposal, the clarity of objectives, and your record of academic performance.

In order to apply for funds you must submit a one-page description of your research project, design and methods that clearly relates the use of the funds to the methods of the project. You must also submit a budget that reflects the overall costs that you will incur and a justification for the expenses.

Deadline: By the end of October each fall semester, due by email to urbs@sas.upenn.edu. You may submit proposals prior to this date as well.

If you have questions, please discuss them with your instructor or with Elaine Simon (esimon@sas.upenn.edu).