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Presenter: Antoine Haywood, PhD candidate, Annenberg School for Communication

Discussant: Aaron Levy, Senior Lecturer, English and History of Art

Link to join: https://upenn.zoom.us/j/92503530569

Community-based information hubs and storytelling networks are essential, especially when individuals need to engage in collective actions that address common problems, affect change, and forge a sense of place. Antoine’s research explores the significance of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community engagement at urban situated community media centers such as Philadelphia Community Access Media (PhillyCAM). Before becoming a graduate student, Antoine spent fifteen years directing public engagement programs at community media centers in Atlanta and Philadelphia. This experience afforded Antoine a first-hand perspective of how participatory community media-making distinctly appeals to urban BIPOC communities. At PhillyCAM, multiple generations of BIPOC youth and adults use its low-power FM radio station, digital platforms, and cable television channels to communicate diverse, Philadelphia-based perspectives through local and transnational storytelling networks. Antoine is keen on understanding how community media interactions facilitate social change.


(Photo Credit: PhillyCAM)