As one of the strongest interdisciplinary Urban Studies programs in the country, we draw on faculty both from other departments and schools at the University of Pennsylvania as well as from practicing professionals in Philadelphia and beyond. The Urban Studies faculty has great breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise. A complete list of current faculty can be found in this directory.

Standing Faculty

Eugenie Birch City and Regional Planning elbirch@pobox.upenn.edu Homepage
Lauris Olson Librarian & Coordinator of Social Sciences Collections olson@pobox.upenn.edu Homepage
Brent Cebul Assistant Professor of History bcebul@sas.upenn.edu
Dennis Culhane School of Social Policy and Practice culhane@mail.med.upenn.edu Homepage
John Fantuzzo Penn Child Research Center Director/ Education Policy Graduate School of Education johnf@gse.upenn.edu Homepage
David Grazian Associate Professor of Sociology / Co-director Urban Studies Program dgrazian@ssc.upenn.edu Homepage
Kathleen Hall Graduate School of Education kdhall@gse.upenn.edu Homepage
Amy Hillier City and Regional Planning ahillier@design.upenn.edu Homepage
Francis E. Johnston Anthropology fjohnsto@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
John Keene City and Regional Planning keenej@pobox.upenn.edu Homepage
Catriona Macleod Professor of German/ Germanic Languages and Literatures Chair cmacleod@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Janice Madden Sociology madden@ssc.upenn.edu Homepage
Lisa Mitchell Associate Professor and Director South Asia Center lmitch@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
John Puckett Graduate School of Education johnp@gse.upenn.edu Homepage
Adolph Reed Professor Political Science reedal@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Mark Stern School of Social Policy and Practice stern@sp2.upenn.edu Homepage
Domenic Vitiello City and Regional Planning vitiello@design.upenn.edu Homepage
Richard Zettler Department Chair Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations/ Associate Professor rzettler@sas.upenn.edu Homepage


Doug Bauer The Clark Foundation dbauer@clarkest.com
James Becker The City School at Spruce Hill jab.phila@gmail.com
Ariel Ben-Amos City of Philadelphia arielba@design.upenn.edu
Richard Berman Urban Studies/Environmental Studies rwberman@design.upenn.edu Homepage
Daniel Biddle The Philadelphia Inquirer danbidd@gmail.com Homepage
Karen Black May 8 Consulting, Inc. kblack@may8consulting.com Homepage
Michael Clapper Science Leadership Academy michael.clapper@gmail.com Homepage
Donna Cooper Public Citizens for Children and Youth Homepage
Chandan Deuskar Penn Design cdeuskar@upenn.edu Homepage
Robert Fairbanks Urban Studies Program rfairban@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Paul Farber Haverford College paulfarber@gmail.com Homepage
Sabriya Fisher Penn Linguistics sabriya@ling.upenn.edu Homepage
Alison Gerig Women's Therapy Center AlisonEGerig@aol.com Homepage
Alec Gershberg The New School alecian@sas.upenn.edu
Howard Gillette Rutgers Camden hfg@camden.rutgers.edu Homepage
Norman Glickman Rutgers University glickman@rci.rutgers.edu Homepage
Jane Golden Heriza Philadelphia Mural Arts Program jane.golden@phila.gov Homepage
Greg Goldman Audobon Pennsylvania gregh@sas.upenn.edu
Ira Goldstein Reinvestment Fund ira.goldstein@trfund.com Homepage
Felipe Gorostiza Children's Specialized Hospital gorostiz@sas.upenn.edu
Elizabeth Greenspan Penn School of Design llgreens@design.upenn.edu Homepage
Nora Gross Penn Sociology & GSE ngross@gse.upenn.edu Homepage
Ira Harkavy Netter Center for Community Partnership harkavy@pobox.upenn.edu Homepage
Theodore Hershberg The Center for Greater Philadelphia tedhersh@pobox.upenn.edu Homepage
Nina Johnson Swarthmore College ninajohnson2010@u.northwestern.edu Homepage
John Kromer Fels Institute of Government jkromer@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Andrew Lamas Urban Studies Program / School of Arts & Sciences / Graduate Programs / School of Social Policy & Practice atlamas@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Gabriel Mandujano Lecturer Urban Studies
Molly McGlone Assistant Dean for Advising, Professor Music and Urban Studies mmcglone@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Julia A McWilliams Penn Education & Anthropology Departments mcjulia@gse.upenn.edu Homepage
Michael Nairn Urban Studies mpnairn@sas.upenn.edu
Corinne Packard Beasley NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate Cpackard@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Walter Palmer The Palmer Foundation founder1776@comcast..net Homepage
Andrew Rachlin Reinvestment Fund andy.rachlin@gmail.com Homepage
Mary Rocco City and Regonal Planning mrocc@design.upenn.edu
Daniel Rubin The Philadelphia Inquirer drubin@phillynews.com Homepage
Joan Saverino Urban Studies saverino@sas.upenn.edu Homepage
Elaine Simon Urban Studies esimon@sas.upenn.edu
R. Tyson Smith Urban Studies, Sociology tysonsm@sas.upenn.edu
Symme Trachtenberg SP2, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia trachtenberg@email.chop.edu Homepage
Fay Walker Upenn School of Design walkerf@design.upenn.edu
Marva Williams Urban Studies marvel@sas.upenn.edu