Jobs at Intersection August 2021

About the company:

At Intersection, we are at the forefront of the smart cities revolution. Our mission is to improve daily life in cities and public spaces, with products that bridge the digital and physical worlds by delivering connectivity, information and content to enrich our everyday journeys and elevate the urban experience.

We pair our human-centered methodology with cutting-edge technology to design, develop, deliver, and maintain unique products and experiences in public space that deliver value to advertisers, cities, and consumers. Whether partnering with urban transit systems to revolutionize commuting and travel, with cities to transform how they connect with residents and visitors, or private developers to create unforgettable experiences in neighborhoods and districts, our solutions are scalable platforms on which our clients can build the future.

Intersection is backed by Alphabet through its urban technology company Sidewalk Labs. 

Some roles that I think would be a good fit for recent URBS grads:

  • Ad Operations, Digital Sales Operations Coordinator - This is a great role for someone interested in advertising and technology. It's not a sales role but it supports the sales team by optimizing our tools used to plan, schedule and deliver digital advertising. Based in NYC.
  • Deployment, Planning Associate - This is a great role for someone who is interested in city planning work. Based in NYC.
  • HR, People Associate - This is a great role for someone interested in HR, particularly in employee training and development in the media/tech field. Based in NYC.
  • Legal, Paralegal - This is a great role for someone interested in going to law school. Based in NYC.
  • Marketing, Associate Content Manager - This is a great role for someone looking to create creative content that will be displayed in cities and public transit systems around the country. Based in NYC.
  • Marketing, Photographer/Graphic Designer - This is a great role for someone who has strong photo and graphic design skills. Based in NYC.
  • Sales, Account Executive - This is a great role for someone interested in doing ad sales. Based in NYC.
  • Sales, Sales Coordinator - This is a sales support role, assisting our front-line ad sales people prepare materials, proposals, etc. We have openings all over the country, including NYC, Seattle, Portland and LA.